PowerShell syntax description for Colorer and Far Manager editor


PowerShell.hrc defines PowerShell syntax description for Colorer and Far Manager editor with FarColorer plugin.

EDIT: This version is obsolete. The latest PowerShell.hrc is included into the featured version of PowerShellFar plug-in for Far Manager: http://code.google.com/p/farnet/


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251"?>
<!DOCTYPE hrc PUBLIC "-//Cail Lomecb//DTD Colorer HRC take5//EN" "http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc.dtd">
<hrc version="take5" xmlns="http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc.xsd">

Insert into catalog.xml a link to this:
<location link="<path>/PowerShell.hrc"/>

<prototype name="PowerShell" group="scripts" description="PowerShell">

<type name="PowerShell">

PowerShell.hrc version 1.3.1, 2007.03.21
PowerShell syntax description and .psfconsole features.
Created and tested for PowerShell 1.0 with Colorer-take5.beta5
Roman Kuzmin, nightroman@hotmail.com

<import type="def"/>

<!-- Escaped -->
<scheme name="PSEscaped">
<regexp match="/`s+$/" region="def:Error"/>
<regexp match="/`./" region="def:StringContent"/>

<!-- Variable -->
<scheme name="PSVariable">
<regexp match="/$[w:]*w/" region="def:Var"/>
<block start="/${/" end="/}/" scheme="PSEscaped" region="def:Var" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd" region01="def:Var" region11="def:Var"/>

<!-- Expanded -->
<scheme name="PSExpanded">
<block start="/($()/" end="/())/" scheme="PowerShell" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd" region01="def:Var" region11="def:Var"/>

<!-- Array -->
<scheme name="PSArray">
<block start="/@(/" end="/)/" scheme="PowerShell" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>

<!-- Hash -->
<scheme name="PSHash">
<block start="/@{/" end="/}/" scheme="PowerShell" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>

<!-- Number -->
<entity name="psnumexp" value="(?:[eE][-+]?d+)"/>
<entity name="psnumsuf" value="([Ll]?(?:KB|MB|GB)?)"/>
<scheme name="PSNumber">
<regexp match="/B.?~1.d+%psnumexp;?%psnumsuf;b/i" region0="def:NumberFloat" region1="def:NumberSuffix"/>
<regexp match="/bd+..?!d*(?:%psnumexp;?%psnumsuf;b|B)/i" region0="def:NumberFloat" region1="def:NumberSuffix"/>
<regexp match="/bd+%psnumexp;%psnumsuf;b/i" region0="def:NumberFloat" region1="def:NumberSuffix"/>
<regexp match="/b0[xX][da-fA-F]+%psnumsuf;b/i" region0="def:NumberHex" region1="def:NumberSuffix"/>
<regexp match="/bd+%psnumsuf;b/i" region0="def:NumberDec" region1="def:NumberSuffix"/>

<!-- Content in '' -->
<scheme name="PSAposContent">
<regexp match="/''/" region="def:StringContent"/>

<!-- Content in "" -->
<scheme name="PSQuotContent">
<inherit scheme="PSEscaped"/>
<inherit scheme="PSVariable"/>
<inherit scheme="PSExpanded"/>

<!-- Content of output -->
<scheme name="PSOutputContent">
<regexp match="/^ERROR(?::|b)|<<<<(?:s|$)/" region="def:Error"/>
<regexp match="/^WARNINGb.*$/" region="def:StringContent"/>
<regexp match="/^(?:DEBUG|VERBOSE)b.*$/" region="def:Comment"/>
<inherit scheme="PSNumber"/>

<!-- Main -->
<scheme name="PowerShell">

<!-- Output -->
<block start="/^x1A$/" end="/^x1B$/" scheme="PSOutputContent" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>

<!-- Comments -->
<regexp match="/(?:^|s)###s+(.*)/" region="def:Comment" region1="def:Outlined"/>
<regexp match="/(?:^|s)##.*/" region="def:CommentDoc"/>
<regexp match="/(?:^|s)#.*/" region="def:Comment"/>

<!-- Apos-strings -->
<block start="/@x27$/" end="/^x27@/" scheme="PSAposContent" region="def:String" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>
<block start="/x27/" end="/x27/" scheme="PSAposContent" region="def:String" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>

<!-- Escaped -->
<inherit scheme="PSEscaped"/>

<!-- Expanded -->
<inherit scheme="PSExpanded"/>

<!-- Array -->
<inherit scheme="PSArray"/>

<!-- Hash -->
<inherit scheme="PSHash"/>

<!-- Quot-strings -->
<block start="/@x22$/" end="/^x22@/" scheme="PSQuotContent" region="def:String" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>
<block start="/x22/" end="/x22/" scheme="PSQuotContent" region="def:String" region00="def:PairStart" region10="def:PairEnd"/>

<!-- Types [xxx.xxx], [xxx[]] except [1], [$i] -->
<regexp match="/[[A-Za-z][w.]*(?:[])*]/" region="def:TypeKeyword"/>

<!-- Brackets -->
<inherit scheme="def:PairedBrackets">
<virtual scheme="def:PairedBrackets" subst-scheme="PowerShell"/>

<!-- Function -->
<regexp match="/(?:^|~|[;}]?#1)s*(function|filter)s+([^s(]+)/i" region1="def:FunctionKeyword" region2="def:Identifier" region="def:Outlined"/>

<!-- Pipeline and redirection -->
<keywords ignorecase="yes" region="def:KeywordStrong">
<symb name="|"/>
<symb name="&gt;"/>
<symb name="&gt;&gt;"/>
<symb name="2&gt;"/>
<symb name="2&gt;&amp;1"/>
<symb name="2&gt;&gt;"/>

<!-- Redirection operators (not yet) -->
<keywords ignorecase="yes" region="def:Error">
<word name="&lt;"/>
<word name="1&gt;&amp;2"/>

<!-- Numbers -->
<inherit scheme="PSNumber"/>

<!-- Cmdlets -->
<keywords ignorecase="yes" region="def:Keyword" worddiv="[s(){};=|]">
<word name="Add-Content"/>
<word name="Add-History"/>
<word name="Add-Member"/>
<word name="Add-PSSnapin"/>
<word name="Clear-Content"/>
<word name="Clear-Host"/>
<word name="Clear-Item"/>
<word name="Clear-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="Clear-Variable"/>
<word name="Compare-Object"/>
<word name="ConvertFrom-SecureString"/>
<word name="Convert-Path"/>
<word name="ConvertTo-Html"/>
<word name="ConvertTo-SecureString"/>
<word name="Copy-Item"/>
<word name="Copy-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="Export-Alias"/>
<word name="Export-Clixml"/>
<word name="Export-Console"/>
<word name="Export-Csv"/>
<word name="ForEach-Object"/>
<word name="Format-Custom"/>
<word name="Format-List"/>
<word name="Format-Table"/>
<word name="Format-Wide"/>
<word name="Get-Acl"/>
<word name="Get-Alias"/>
<word name="Get-AuthenticodeSignature"/>
<word name="Get-ChildItem"/>
<word name="Get-Command"/>
<word name="Get-Content"/>
<word name="Get-Credential"/>
<word name="Get-Culture"/>
<word name="Get-Date"/>
<word name="Get-EventLog"/>
<word name="Get-ExecutionPolicy"/>
<word name="Get-Help"/>
<word name="Get-History"/>
<word name="Get-Host"/>
<word name="Get-Item"/>
<word name="Get-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="Get-Location"/>
<word name="Get-Member"/>
<word name="Get-PfxCertificate"/>
<word name="Get-Process"/>
<word name="Get-PSDrive"/>
<word name="Get-PSProvider"/>
<word name="Get-PSSnapin"/>
<word name="Get-Service"/>
<word name="Get-TraceSource"/>
<word name="Get-UICulture"/>
<word name="Get-Unique"/>
<word name="Get-Variable"/>
<word name="Get-WmiObject"/>
<word name="Group-Object"/>
<word name="Import-Alias"/>
<word name="Import-Clixml"/>
<word name="Import-Csv"/>
<word name="Invoke-Expression"/>
<word name="Invoke-History"/>
<word name="Invoke-Item"/>
<word name="Join-Path"/>
<word name="Measure-Command"/>
<word name="Measure-Object"/>
<word name="Move-Item"/>
<word name="Move-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="New-Alias"/>
<word name="New-Item"/>
<word name="New-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="New-Object"/>
<word name="New-PSDrive"/>
<word name="New-Service"/>
<word name="New-TimeSpan"/>
<word name="New-Variable"/>
<word name="Out-Default"/>
<word name="Out-File"/>
<word name="Out-Host"/>
<word name="Out-Null"/>
<word name="Out-Printer"/>
<word name="Out-String"/>
<word name="Pop-Location"/>
<word name="Push-Location"/>
<word name="Read-Host"/>
<word name="Remove-Item"/>
<word name="Remove-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="Remove-PSDrive"/>
<word name="Remove-PSSnapin"/>
<word name="Remove-Variable"/>
<word name="Rename-Item"/>
<word name="Rename-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="Resolve-Path"/>
<word name="Restart-Service"/>
<word name="Resume-Service"/>
<word name="Select-Object"/>
<word name="Select-String"/>
<word name="Set-Acl"/>
<word name="Set-Alias"/>
<word name="Set-AuthenticodeSignature"/>
<word name="Set-Content"/>
<word name="Set-Date"/>
<word name="Set-ExecutionPolicy"/>
<word name="Set-Item"/>
<word name="Set-ItemProperty"/>
<word name="Set-Location"/>
<word name="Set-PSDebug"/>
<word name="Set-Service"/>
<word name="Set-TraceSource"/>
<word name="Set-Variable"/>
<word name="Sort-Object"/>
<word name="Split-Path"/>
<word name="Start-Service"/>
<word name="Start-Sleep"/>
<word name="Start-Transcript"/>
<word name="Stop-Process"/>
<word name="Stop-Service"/>
<word name="Stop-Transcript"/>
<word name="Suspend-Service"/>
<word name="Tee-Object"/>
<word name="Test-Path"/>
<word name="Trace-Command"/>
<word name="Update-FormatData"/>
<word name="Update-TypeData"/>
<word name="Where-Object"/>
<word name="Write-Debug"/>
<word name="Write-Error"/>
<word name="Write-Host"/>
<word name="Write-Output"/>
<word name="Write-Progress"/>
<word name="Write-Verbose"/>
<word name="Write-Warning"/>

<!-- System variables -->
<keywords ignorecase="yes" region="def:Constant">
<word name="$$"/>
<word name="$?"/>
<word name="$^"/>
<word name="$_"/>
<word name="$args"/>
<word name="$ConfirmPreference"/>
<word name="$ConsoleFileName"/>
<word name="$DebugPreference"/>
<word name="$Error"/>
<word name="$ErrorActionPreference"/>
<word name="$ErrorView"/>
<word name="$ExecutionContext"/>
<word name="$false"/>
<word name="$FormatEnumerationLimit"/>
<word name="$HOME"/>
<word name="$Host"/>
<word name="$input"/>
<word name="$LastExitCode"/>
<word name="$Matches"/>
<word name="$MaximumAliasCount"/>
<word name="$MaximumDriveCount"/>
<word name="$MaximumErrorCount"/>
<word name="$MaximumFunctionCount"/>
<word name="$MaximumHistoryCount"/>
<word name="$MaximumVariableCount"/>
<word name="$MyInvocation"/>
<word name="$NestedPromptLevel"/>
<word name="$null"/>
<word name="$OFS"/>
<word name="$PID"/>
<word name="$PROFILE"/>
<word name="$ProgressPreference"/>
<word name="$PSHOME"/>
<word name="$PWD"/>
<word name="$ReportErrorShowExceptionClass"/>
<word name="$ReportErrorShowInnerException"/>
<word name="$ReportErrorShowSource"/>
<word name="$ReportErrorShowStackTrace"/>
<word name="$ShellId"/>
<word name="$this"/>
<word name="$true"/>
<word name="$VerbosePreference"/>
<word name="$WarningPreference"/>
<word name="$WhatIfPreference"/>

<!-- User variables -->
<inherit scheme="PSVariable"/>

<!-- Operators -->
<keywords ignorecase="yes" region="def:Operator">
<word name="-eq"/>
<word name="-ne"/>
<word name="-ge"/>
<word name="-gt"/>
<word name="-lt"/>
<word name="-le"/>
<word name="-like"/>
<word name="-notlike"/>
<word name="-match"/>
<word name="-notmatch"/>
<word name="-replace"/>
<word name="-contains"/>
<word name="-notcontains"/>
<word name="-ieq"/>
<word name="-ine"/>
<word name="-ige"/>
<word name="-igt"/>
<word name="-ile"/>
<word name="-ilt"/>
<word name="-ilike"/>
<word name="-inotlike"/>
<word name="-imatch"/>
<word name="-inotmatch"/>
<word name="-ireplace"/>
<word name="-icontains"/>
<word name="-inotcontains"/>
<word name="-ceq"/>
<word name="-cne"/>
<word name="-cge"/>
<word name="-cgt"/>
<word name="-clt"/>
<word name="-cle"/>
<word name="-clike"/>
<word name="-cnotlike"/>
<word name="-cmatch"/>
<word name="-cnotmatch"/>
<word name="-creplace"/>
<word name="-ccontains"/>
<word name="-cnotcontains"/>
<word name="-is"/>
<word name="-isnot"/>
<word name="-as"/>
<word name="-and"/>
<word name="-not"/>
<word name="-or"/>
<word name="-xor"/>
<word name="-band"/>
<word name="-bor"/>
<word name="-bxor"/>
<word name="-f"/>
<symb name="--"/>
<symb name="++"/>
<symb name="+="/>
<symb name="-="/>
<symb name="*="/>
<symb name="/="/>
<symb name="%="/>
<symb name="="/>
<symb name="+"/>
<symb name="*"/>
<symb name="/"/>
<symb name="%"/>

<!-- Operator - -->
<regexp match="/-[A-Za-z_]?!/" region="def:Operator"/>

<!-- Keywords (filter and function are excluded) -->
<keywords ignorecase="yes" region="def:Keyword" worddiv="[s(){};]">
<word name="begin"/>
<word name="break"/>
<word name="continue"/>
<word name="default"/>
<word name="do"/>
<word name="else"/>
<word name="elseif"/>
<word name="end"/>
<word name="exit"/>
<word name="finally"/>
<word name="for"/>
<word name="foreach"/>
<word name="if"/>
<word name="in"/>
<word name="param"/>
<word name="process"/>
<word name="return"/>
<word name="switch"/>
<word name="throw"/>
<word name="trap"/>
<word name="until"/>
<word name="while"/>

<!-- Identifiers (very simplified) -->
<regexp match="/[A-Za-z_][-w]*/" region="def:Identifier"/>

<!-- Error: (ok, warning): redundant semicolon -->
<regexp match="/;s*}?(?:s*|s+#.*)$/" region="def:Error"/>

<!-- Error: bad string: symbols after @' or @" -->
<regexp match="/@[x22x27].$/" region="def:Error"/>

<!-- Separators -->
<regexp match="/[,;]/" region="def:Operator"/>



<!-- ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
- Version: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
- The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version
- 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
- the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
- http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/
- Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
- WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
- for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the
- License.
- The Original Code is the Colorer Library.
- The Initial Developer of the Original Code is
- Cail Lomecb <cail@nm.ru>.
- Portions created by the Initial Developer are Copyright (C) 1999-2005
- the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
- Contributor(s):
- Roman Kuzmin <nightroman@hotmail.com>
- Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms of
- either the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the "GPL"), or
- the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the "LGPL"),
- in which case the provisions of the GPL or the LGPL are applicable instead
- of those above. If you wish to allow use of your version of this file only
- under the terms of either the GPL or the LGPL, and not to allow others to
- use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
- decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
- and other provisions required by the LGPL or the GPL. If you do not delete
- the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
- the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
- ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->

  1. #1 by Unknown on December 14, 2006 - 5:54 pm

    how do you setup colorer plug-in to hook up PowerShell.hrc?

  2. #2 by Roman on December 14, 2006 - 7:01 pm

    1) In the same directory where PowerShell.hrc is create a file "My.hrc":
    <?xml version="1.0"?><!DOCTYPE hrc PUBLIC "-//Cail Lomecb//DTD Colorer HRC take5//EN" "http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc.dtd"><hrc version="take5" xmlns="http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc&quot; xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance&quot; xsi:schemaLocation="http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc http://colorer.sf.net/2003/hrc.xsd"><prototype name="PowerShell" group="other" description="PowerShell Script"><location link="PowerShell.hrc"/><filename>/(\.ps1$|\.ps1.bak$)/i</filename></prototype></hrc>
    2) Find "catalog.xml" where your Colorer is installed and find there lines like these:
    <location link="hrc/proto.hrc"/><location link="hrc/auto"/>
    3) Register your "My.hrc" adding your line (use slashes(!) in the path):
    <location link="<your path>/My.hrc"/>

  3. #3 by Unknown on December 14, 2006 - 9:33 pm

    Thanks a bunch!
    Works like a charm.

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